Standing Ovation at Vinitaly for Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. Fattoria Montecchio

The Fattoria Montecchio´s Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. had a huge success at the 2017 edition of Vinitaly. The precious “green gold” is the result of a careful selection of olives in the Chianti Classico area, – types like frantoio, leccino and moraiolo, – respecting the regulations of denomination (see here).
In the old olive groves of the estate, where we have approximately 4,000 olive trees, the olives are harvested early, in October and November and are pressed in the farm´s own press, where 15 years ago we installed new machinery that permits extremely efficient cold pressing.
Thanks to this method the oil is ready only five hours after pressing and slight filtering so that the flavour, perfume and colour remain lastingly stable, as also the body and structure. It is then stored in steel containers under inert gasses at a temperature between 12 and 17 degrees centigrade until it is bottled.

The care and attention given to every phase of the procedure means that Fattoria Montecchio´s extra virgin olive oil D.O.P. is of exceptional quality and is just right for Tuscan recipes and, as you probably know, is an important part of the Mediterranean diet.
If you would like to know more about the characteristics of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil D.O.P. we suggest you check out the organoleptic table (click here) where you will also see how you can buy it straight from us.
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