The Furnace - Clay processing and terracotta production

The Furnace

Earth. Where everything starts. Where everything is born. Wine is no different – wines, like any other plant, use earth to stretch out their roots, of course.

But not all earth is equal. The earth in the Chianti Classico region is perfect for Sangiovese grapes, largely thanks to its composition: stones and clay (marlstone), in different quantities depending on the exact location, play a crucial role in the process, together with other factors.

Yet another product for which clay represents a vital component is terracotta, one of the most symbolic artisanal products in Tuscany and the Chianti region. At Fattoria Montecchio, this bond is given body and soul in the form of the Antica Fornace Montecchio – the old Montecchio furnace – where clay, in the hands of our craftspeople, is transformed into ornaments, tiles, statues and much besides, as well as being used to make vases and amphoras for the wine ageing process.

In 2013, Fattoria Montecchio created Priscus on the express will of the Nuti family. A pure Sangiovese, the vinification and ageing process for Priscus took place in terracotta, bringing together two of Chianti’s greatest products: wine and terracotta.

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The Furnace

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