Fattoria Montecchio, quality wines in the Tuscan Chianti

Fattoria Montecchio winery in Chianti, Tuscany

Chianti Classico, our territory, our history

Some places are blessed with good fortune. In the case of Fattoria Montecchio, we must have been blessed by Bacchus, god of wine.

Italy has always been a land of wine. It was here, in the south, that the ancient region of Enotria was located. More recently, however, Chianti Classico has without doubt become the wine region with the most intriguing, deep-rooted traditions.

Here, between Siena and Florence, wine has been successfully produced for centuries, to the extent that wine was an important business interest for the noble Florentine families, thanks to solid commercial relationships with neighboring countries, where Chianti wine was popular (and nothing has changed!).

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