For Fattoria Montecchio and the Nuti family, as for any winemakers who love what they do, the ambition is to produce great wines capable of winning over the palates of wine lovers, but also of impressing critics in Italy and around the world – it is these people that can decide the success of a wine for years to come.

In this sense, the awards and recognition that have been bestowed on Fattoria Montecchio wines over the years are confirmation of the quality of the work we do and the sheer level of passion we show.


  • fattoria montecchio chianti classico primum

    Chianti Classico PRĪMUM

  • fattoria montecchio chianti classico primum riserva

    Chianti Classico Riserva PRĪMUM

    recensioni Recensioni
  • Chianti Classico Gran Selezione "PASQUINO" PRĪMUM

    Rosso Toscano

  • Pietracupa

  • fattoria montecchio la papessa

    La Papessa

  • fattoria montecchio etrusco