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The Fattoria Montecchio launches a new line of products

2018 is the year of change; great novelties at Fattoria Montecchio are on their way. The first, in chronological order, was introduced at the presentation of Chianti Classico Collection  at the Stazione Leopolda, Florence and at the  ProWein Fair, Dusseldorf. Our next outing will be in Verona at Vinitaly, 15 to 18th April 2018 ( stand C4, pavillion 9, Tuscany.)
The new line of Chianti Classico Docg 2015 and Chianti Classico Docg Riserva 2013, in curved bordolese bottles that bring to mind a half magnum, with label also in braille, all have a slightly different blend of grapes and are intended to become the new icon of the Fattoria Montecchio.


As Riccardo Nuti, owner of the Montecchio estate, says “This new line will go along side the existing ones and will become the image that distinguishes the Fattoria Montecchio. Not only a new bottle but also a new flavour” adds Nuti. “The difference is very slight, like the meat of Florentine steak compared to the fillet. Our fillet is Sangiovese, Merlot, Cabernet sauvignon with the addition of a touch of Alicante.
“For now our production is only 7000 bottles each of the Chianti Classico Docg 2015 Chianti Classico Docg Riserva 2013, which will both be marketed throughout 2018. The other line, which will not be any lesser, will continue to be sold through the usual channels while the new line will be sold directly from the farm and via Ho.re.ca, that is via oenoteques and restaurants.”


Nuti goes on to say “We have a third label in the pipeline: the Gran Selezione. This is an absolute novelty for Montecchio.” And here Nuti gives us a hint “We´ll begin with the year 2015, which will be marketed at the end of this year, in accordance with the Chianti Classico rules. The diamond of this pure sangiovese line lies in the fact that Gran Selezione wine is half matured in terracotta amphorae and half the traditional way.


Just to remind our readers, the Montecchio Estate comprises its own, antique terracotta furnace. A plus that few can boast. This means that we can produce terracotta amphorae to our own design, specially for vinification and refinement of quality wines. Professor Massimo Ricci, expert antique manufact restorer for UNESCO and dean at the faculty of Technnology of Architecture at the University of Florence, worked with us to find the perfect amphora for our wine. Which we did. This exciting experience is told in the book From Terracotta to Wine (Dalla terracotta al Vino) by Emanuele Vescovo, a sommelier and journalist. It tells the story of the birth of our special, terracotta matured wine called Priscus, after the Roman gladiatorfamed for his strength and solid structure. It too is a pure sangiovese. This year, like the last, some of our terracotta produce will be on show at Enolitech


Mr. Stefano Di Blasi, the oenologist at Montecchio, explains the changes in the new line.


“The foundation is still sangiovese but as well as adding a little Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon we also add a little Alicante grapes. The result is better than we even hoped for.”
“These new wines” continues Di Blasi, “have a more finely tailored touch, which highlights the potential of our territory. We have worked on reintroducing the traditional flavour of Tuscan wine, nearly always Sangiovese, with a slightly more delicate touch. If in our “Traditional Chianti Classico Line” we usually use about 10% merlot, in the “Primum Chianti Classico Line” we use almost 100% Sangiovese, as in days gone by. A bit like what they did in Borgogne with Pinot Nero.”
The Fattoria Montecchio, with its 30 hectares of vineyards, is aiming to clinch a market niche in the world of wines for those who truly love and appreciate good wine and in particular sangiovese.
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