19 Maggio 2019
Dell´Angeli Vineyards
Phis small irregular shaped vineyard was planted in 1975, just like La Papessa Farm, and takes its name from an old storehouse for farming equipment that was run by one of Fattoria Montecchio’s workers (l´angeli) - it now houses our olive press and one of the tasting room.
1 hectare, 98 ares, 80 centares

Plants per hectare

Type of training
spurred cordon

Sangiovese and Canaiolo

Position and exposure
60° north - east
From 400 to 420 metres above sea level

Type of terrain
  • Monteverdi Marittimo formation
  • Undersea plain flysch from the Cretaceous age
  • Calcareous marl and sandstone layers
  • Large clasts present over a metre in size

Regular Agricultural Activity
  • unmechanised land management with spontaneous grassing
  • only organic fertilizers
  • manual winter pruning
  • pre-flowering shoot selection
  • early de-leafing during flower

Type of harvesting
hand - picking

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