19 Maggio 2019
Hewn into the rock
Here the Fattoria Montecchio wines are prepared and stored.

Hewn deep into the rock, unchanged over the years, the cellars are where the long and natural aging process of the wine takes place.
In these centuries - old cellars, using a method unchanged in over 400 years, "alla maniera antica", the refermentation of the Chiantigiana takes place.
This gives the wine a particular roundness of taste and an unmistakable vivacity, with a delicate perfume and a bright ruby red colour. The wine then rests for at least 3 years in oak barrels, refining its qualities to become a product of great elegance.
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Marchese Torrigiani cellar
This cellar, excavated into the rock directly under the main Villa, is where the marquises Torrigiani stored their most precious wines: the old chestnut wood barrels that were built here nearly a century ago and that keep alive the tradition of the Fattoria Montecchio Chianti Classico can still be seen today.
La Taverna
Over the years this snug room has been used for the tasting of the new Fattoria Montecchio wines to evaluate their quality and potential. Today many historic instruments, used by the old wine makers to prepare and bottle the wine, can been seen.
The Museum
You can find all the wines that Fattoria Montecchio has produced since the 60s in this room: a real journey through time with hundreds of bottles that can convey the story of our enterprise.
La Comola
La Comola, situated under the great kitchens of the main Villa, safeguards the great oak barrels ( 25 hectolitres) where our Chianti Classico and our Riserva is aged, as well as some barriques.
The New Winery
The Winery, built in the 80s, dominates the valley where the Montecchiuzzo Podere vineyard is situated. It is equipped with all the modern oenological instruments necessary to create wines of the highest quality: stainless steel temperature controlled cisterns for the vinification and conservation of our products.
This barrel vault structure stands over the great oak barrels ( 33 hectolitres), barriques and terracotta pitchers.
La Barricaia
The winery, with its brick vaulted ceiling conserves a number of barriques where some of our best wines are aged; at the back of the room you can admire a fresco of a country scene painted by the contemporary artist Marco Perini, who also frescoed our orciaia.

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